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Membership Benefits


Any business or organization can benefit from joining their local Chamber of Commerce.

Here's how: 

Getting Connected - being a member creates important connections that enable individuals and companies to do and achieve more. Membership is your personal link to Kingman and Kingman County.

Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce only refers members in response to public inquiries

Membership means new business opportunities and networking programs

Our website's online directory features links for members resulting in exposure and promotion of YOU and your products and service your company offers

Communication & Marketing - Communication is a core value of Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce. It is imperative the Chamber assists members to stay informed about issues and events affecting their business or organization. Broaden your customer base, increase your company's visibility, and maximize your marketing opportunities.

At the first of each month, the 'Chamber Connections' newsletter is emailed out to all subscribers and members as well as posted on our website and Facebook page. This PDF is viewed by the public and delivers essential information on issues of importance to businesses and advertises anything members request to have posted. Members can advertise an upcoming sale or event, or simply have their logo posted with their location and hours. 

If your business or organization hosts events or or weekly specials, those are shared to our weekly calendar of events. The calendar of events is posted here on our website, on social media, and emailed out to our subscribers.

Our website provides easy access to a variety of pertinent information, community resources, and so much more.

Advocacy - The Chamber of Commerce is the community's leading advocate and champion for businesses and organizations. Its primary objective is to create a climate of growth and success in our community.

By leveraging the support, talent, and resources of our members, the Chamber connects business leaders to each other and helps to improve the economic vitality and quality of life for everyone.

The Chamber provides leadership opportunities, volunteer programs, and business-building initiatives.

The Chamber works hard on your behalf to make that voice of business heard throughout the community and county by developing and maintaining strong public, government, and media relations.

Get Involved - The Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes your involvement in its programs and events. In addition to the opportunities listed above, as a member, you can help support the community during events such as Spring Fling, All-American Family Fest, Fall Festival, and Christmas Parade Day.

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Want to be more involved?

Want to know other ways to advertise and market your business or organization?

Want to receive exclusive deals and savings during events or venue rentals?

Contact us today to see how we can best serve YOU!

We are Kingman Proud

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